Interior Design Business Podcast

with Terri Taylor

Are you an interior design professional who wants to create time-accurate, money-generous, and fee-based job offers that clients jump to say “yes” to?

Terri Taylor, President and Creative Director of the Interior Design Business Academy and the host of the Interior Design Business Podcast, is here to help interior design professionals who want to create lifestyle design businesses that pay them what they are worth.

Each week, Terri is bringing her clear, proven, and repeatable step-by-step “recipes” for attracting ideal luxury clients along with her overreaching attitude of gratitude, abundance, beauty, and joy for creating long-lasting and meaningful success.

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About The Host

Terri Taylor is an award-winning interior designer turned business coach who teaches and mentors designers on how to create thriving businesses and own their worth. Terri has more than 30 years experience in the interior design and construction business. She’s been featured in regional and national design publications and is a sought-after guest speaker at national and international events.

In 2009, Terri created the Interior Design Business Academy – an education and coaching resource that provides a unique mix of business strategies and systems along with powerful positive mindset practices to help interior designers create meaningful success.

Over the past 10+ years, Terri has coached hundreds of designers to grow their businesses to 6- and 7-figures with grace and ease. She’s known as a straight-talking ‘technical expert’ when it comes to streamlining your design business.

Her value-packed podcasts, events and coaching programs are all designed to move you and your design business to whole new levels of getting paid what you deserve.