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Janet Patterson

Meeting with Terri was a major turning point . I don't do anything less than a $10,000 design fee, and I pick and choose my clients.

JPID Studio – Janet Patterson Miami, FL

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I have always worked for big design firms. I decided to go on my own because I had opportunities coming my way. I built my business while I had another full-time job, so I really had two full-time jobs.                                                                     
For about a year and a half, I was going crazy because I was working seven days a week. Plus, it took me twice as long to do something because I was afraid to make a mistake and unsure of how to do things. I was constantly double-checking myself.

Working with Interior Design Business Academy

I finally left my regular, full-time job, and then a big design project fell in my lap. I worked on the job for two and a half years, and I only really made $6,000. Something told me that I didn’t charge enough, and I was afraid to make that same mistake again. I needed advice on how to build a solid contract and price out the whole thing.

Coincidentally, while this was happening, I was receiving Terri’s newsletters. It was serendipity because one of those emails asked about scheduling a four-hour, one-on-one training session with her. I was really excited, but it worried about the cost.

I did meet with her, and we did a breakdown of a project I was working on from beginning to end. After I got home, I finished the contract, put my letter of agreement together, and I signed a $35,000 design fee!


Meeting with Terri was a major turning point. It taught me this is what you’re worth, this is how it should be, this is what you should be making, and this is what you deserve. And it’s only gone up from there. I don’t do anything less than a $10,000 design fee, and I pick and choose my clients.

Now, I get to travel, enjoy myself, and take some time out when I need it, which is great!